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Executive Director

Company: Ken Anderson Alliance
Date Posted: May 12, 2017

About the Ken Anderson Alliance:  Ken Anderson Alliance is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation creating "live, work, play" opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities. We will begin in Cincinnati and hope to create integrated models and programs that can be replicated across the U.S. We believe that adults with disabilities have the right to live, work, play, socialize, recreate, love, learn, and worship in the settings and manner of their choosing, with the support of families, friends, and caregivers.  In mid-2017, we will launch social and recreational activities that include a wide variety of community outings and on-site programs for small groups of adults with supports and transportation. By 2021 our plan is to build an innovative, integrated beneficial live, work, and pay community that provides supportive, affordable housing for a neurodiverse blend of adults with developmental disabilities who have a range of support needs, and adults and families without disabilities.

Executive Director Position Summary: Ken Anderson Alliance will be leading the board search committee to find a visionary leader who will continue the work of KAA as the Executive Director.  The candidate for this position will be an experienced professional advocate for people with intellectual/developmental disabilities and their families.  Additionally, S/he will have a demonstrated ability to cultivate relationships with adults with disabilities and their families, other disability providers, associations, funders, and political leaders.  The ED ensures fiscal responsibility, oversees fundraising efforts led by the development team, compliance with internal policies, ensures strong internal and external communications and positive public relations.  The Executive Director will ensure that the highest quality of services to adults with disabilities are being provided and that compliance with appropriate regulatory governing agencies is meeting or exceeding standards respectively.

Desired Knowledge and Experience:

  • Working with not-for-profit boards
  • In-depth knowledge of leadership in the nonprofit sector
  • Working with complex, rapidly changing regulatory and funding environments
  • Serving as senior management of a human service organization
  • Overseeing Marketing and/or fundraising
  • Working with and understanding communities designed for individuals with developmental disabilities  on a local and national level
  • Budget development and monitoring
  • Dealing with uncertainty or ambiguity, and managing in a challenging climate of change
  • Commitment to person-centered principles and leadership
  • Understanding of Ohio developmental disabilities sector and an understanding of Medicaid and Medicare policies and experience
  • Must have a Bachelor’s Degree and eight plus years of management experience or a Masters degree with six plus years of management experience. 
  • Required to live in or relocate to Cincinnati. 

Job Responsibilities:

POLICY MANGEMENT: Assist the Board of Directors with development of policies and, in conjunction with the Development Director and Program Directors, develop procedures to implement policies. Assure internal compliance with Board approved policies.

STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT: Oversee and lead the organization’s strategic planning efforts through local and/or systemic change processes with focus on fulfilling the organization’s mission.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT:  Ability to design and execute live, work, and play opportunities for people with disabilities.   

FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT: Oversee the fiscal stability of the organization by working closely with the Finance and Administration Director to develop and submit an annual budget and provide regular reports of the financial condition of the organization to the Board of Directors. Oversee the prioritization of expenditures within budget and effectively translate fiscal information into operational decision making. In conjunction with Development Director, monitor external sources for potential expansion of funding opportunities and identify and respond to concerns related to existing funding sources.

PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT: Ensure effective and efficient personnel practices and procedures are utilized throughout the organization. Manage performance of department directors and other assigned staff positions.

PERSON CENTERED ORGANIZATION: Promote, support and utilize person centered principles and practices in every phase of the organization’s operation. Assist in developing, promoting and implementing opportunities for people supported, their families, staff and community. Provide for person centered organization sustainability.

GOVERNMENTAL RELATIONS: Develop and maintain relationships with local, state and federal government representatives and entities and work to positively influence matters of policy and legislation pertaining to persons and families receiving or waiting for services. Maintain awareness of current or proposed legislation and regulations that may affect organization operations and services, reporting to the Board of Directors on as needed basis (or as appropriate).

COMMUNITY ADVOCATE AND LIAISON: Serve as a community leader, coalition builder and primary spokesperson with visibility to community collaborators, media, advocacy groups and other interested external organizations. Assure marketing and development programs reflect the mission and policies set forth by the Board of Directors.

PROGRAM MANAGEMENT: Oversee planning, development and implementation of programs providing services and supports within policy set by the Board of Directors. Provide leadership to staff to ensure provision of quality services for people and families supported through the organizations.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS INVOLVEMENT: Attend all regularly scheduled and special meetings of the Board of Directors and established committees of the Board. Collaborate with the Board leadership in setting agendas and facilitating meetings. Regularly communicate pertinent information to the Board of Directors in writing and electronically as needed. Perform additional duties as may be assigned by the Board of Directors.

Search Process:  Resumes can be emailed to  The  Executive Director will be hired the summer of 2017.